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Originally Posted by nikki-k View Post
Sweet! Links are great, reading thru now.

Anything involving ReWire can be great, but when it comes to managing multiple files to load... well, this is where the integration part comes in. If opening a single file opened everything properly, that would be step one. Step two? An "awareness" of what is open, all media involved, and then all saved properly. Guessing that would involve a "master app" that would do just that, since ReWire does not have "awareness" of the apps it links.
So, opening a REAPER session will automatically open Sibelius ReWired in slave mode(should do this already) and also open the associated Sibelius file that was used with that specific REAPER session, correct?

When I open a PT session that uses REAPER ReWire, REAPER will automatically launch and open. I then have to open the associated REAPER project file that I was using with that specific PT session manually. I think that's what you mean. This might sound like a job for a new sws extension:

If I was to approach this from a scripting perspective, it could probably be done if the PT Session and REAPER project file existed in the same folder together, which I do for session management anyways. If the Sibelius file stayed in the associated REAPER project folder, this could probably be easily done. I wouldn't mind seeing this feature myself.

Maybe we can inquire sws about this.

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