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I'm bumping this thread because of the discussion ReaktorDave and me are having about video playback in Reaper x64.

It appears that Reaper is incapable of using the latest FFMPEG builds by Zeranoe.

The old Aegiscorp build however works, but cannot decode everything the x86 version can, such as this MP4 video, which runs at 60 frames per second at 1920x1080 : (link to the 60fps version in the notes of the video).

ReaktorDave has had extensive problems that apparently v3 of Reaper does not have.

I managed to play that 60fps video in the x86 version of Reaper with the Aegiscorp FFMPEG DLL files, but it routinely freezes at certain frames, unlike VLC. Reaper also does not play 60 frames per second. The difference to what VLC is capable of is quite striking.

I do run an i7 920 machine. Playback does need to be a lot better, as Reaper has nowhere near the seek performance of the Quicktime player(x86 or x64 version of Reaper).

I'll boldy assume that you guys may need to rethink your strategy on video playback seeking and buffering. VLC seems to have this down much better, never mind Protools, which has its weaknesses as well, but apparently does a better job at seeking only the frames it needs to display. The result is that I can click and seek across an entire 20 minute Quicktime MJPEGA video (512x288@25fps) draped across my screen like a madman, and I'll get no frozen frames.

Maybe you guys don't evaluate and skip some seeks.

"Hey our decoder can handle 35 frames per second in a one-thread decoder and takes X milliseconds to randomly seek, decode and deliver a frame.

Let's only seek as often as the decoder can randomly seek when not playing but scrub/jog/click+seek'ing in the video.

And let's buffer a little video ahead of time for playback. The larger the per-frame-decoding CPU-use, the larger ahead we need to buffer to prevent mishaps."

You can skip frames during clickl+seeking and jogging as much as you like. You cannot skip frames during playback.

Or you could talk to the VLC guys.
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