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Originally Posted by Mercado_Negro View Post
Cool, thanks! Some bugs (just re-tested them in test4):

1 - Jump to time window:

That line isn't translated (IIRC it didn't have that "name" in the langpack, though I added it and tried it with and without it, no luck).

2 - Sample rate dropdown menu:
That may have been fixed in the slightly newer langpacks. Anything that had " in it will need to be updated to the new ones, i.e.:

A495A2F91515D33E=Note: jump to a marker/region by name by entering \"name


I can't see anything there since I translated it (though it works as expected: sample rate is changed accordingly).
I will look at this.
Btw, Justin, could you please explain "Force project time signatures to have beats on whole samples"? It's a bit hard to translate since I don't understand what it does (and I tried adding some time signature markers and moving them but it always looked the same to me).
That means if you have a time signature where a beat is not an exact number of samples long (such as 133bpm at 44khz, where each QN is ~19894.73 samples), it will adjust the BPM to be 133.001 or whatever needed so that each QN is 19895 samples, etc. This can be useful if you want to have each QN consistent in sample length for sample alignment.

Hope that helps...
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