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Originally Posted by gofer View Post
I just finished the version for the planet Vulcan and fellow member Mr Data.

But seriously, holy workhorse Batman! That's a task. We're going to need a good strategy and tools to collab with this.

EDIT: Juca, language packs are the *.txt files over there. A the moment there's english, lower case, upper case and leet.
What I read here is what I thought as I downloaded the first version a couple of weeks (or so). ago. I followed the instructions (as good as I could) and downloaded only the "leet.txt" but nothing happened. But I must confess I only had a very brief look at it, wh1ch pr0646ly w45 n07 4 900d 1d34.

Sorry that I haven't got time right now to dive really deep into this, but I'd like to help when-/wherever I can!

EDIT: BTW Gofer, I see an error here: "Cancel" has to be "000000" and the OK button needs to be widened because the right term would be "1011001010010100001100001010001001010110110100100 001". After all, "10" is "ms" as you correctly translated, but not "OK".

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