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Wow quick response! I'll actually have to try your version and get back to you on features, just noting what I see on the ReaNINJAM screen vs. what I've seen in your snapshots, maybe there's more than what meets the eye. I really just turn metro on/off (would be nice to have custom .wav for that) and chat, and rare occasion mute someone.

I actually would like to help add the MIDI timing output feature, it's been a while but I've done a fair amount of Windows programming over a couple decades. I'll check out the compiler and see what I may be getting myself into.

I think it's going to be hard to compete with ReaNINJAM (I realize that wasn't the mentioned intent) unless some dramatic features are included, although not sure what that would be. But here's some suggestions from a few years of use:
- Large metronome flashing display so drummers in particular don't have to listen to irritating metro or stare at tiny incrementing % interval complete bar
- Hyperlink click functionality in chat, or at least copy/paste. Don't think there's enough people using this to worry much about bad website links.
- Eliminate transmit level slider, messes everyone up when balancing audio in vs out. Probably largest contributor to this problem.
- Create compact view mode so that we can maximize use of the computer display for the DAW. Maybe a narrow vertical slice.
- Make a version that's compatible with VST so that nearly any DAW can be used!
- Make real-time audio transfers to/from server more robust. Too many dropouts seem to occur.
- Sure I'll think of something else...
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