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Default Issues, issues, issues...

Hey all, first post here in the forums.

I recently decided to test out Reaper, switching over from Pro Tools 10. I am running an i7 quad core, 12 GB RAM, Win 7 64-bit. I cannot for the life of me get Reaper to read the Waves bundle I've been running in PT. In preferences I set Reaper to scan the folder they are in for PT, no dice. Copied the waveshell over to User Plugins and set Reaper to scan there, no dice. Copied the waveshell to Plugins and set Reaper to scan there, no dice...

Is there something I'm missing in getting the bridge to recognize them? I'm really digging the style and speed of Reaper, but I'm not willing to give up access to plugins I've paid a pretty penny for. And I'd rather not run 32-bit and lose access to 2/3 of my RAM.

Any possible solutions?

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