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Default pianoteq vst

Running Windows 7, 64bit, Pianoteq 4 Stage, demo version, works fine free standing.

But as a VSTi in Reaper, it doesn't work at all with the 64 bit .dll, which Reaper loads by default. However, the 32bit .dll (which PianoTeq dumps into a folder in 'Programs (x86)' works inside Reaper, but breaks up more than my other plug ins (inc. Native Instruments and EWQL instruments).

So, 1) does running pianoteq 4 with a bridged 32bit dll compromise its efficiency (especially regarding latency and break ups). And 2) why on earth does the 64bit .dll not work? This problem doesn't occur with any other VSTs or VSTi's that I've tried.

I've reinstalled everything a couple of times and the result is the same: 32bit only.

Any information on this gratefully received, thanks!
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