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Hi, everyone.

I was trying to adopt this plugin for four years and didn't get the results which would satisfy me. After several first attempts I've switched to manual midi mapping in so called "advanced" mode of my sl remote 25. This means absolutely np feedback from onboard LEDs and LCD, which is sucks alot.
Recently I've bought myself SL 61 MkII and really don't want to get into manual mapping of 9 layout pages again, so I've tried give Padre's plugin one more chance. Had different issues configuring it, so I wrote a message to one of the forum members who had a great success using this plugin for years. I've also wrote another private message to Padre. Both were left without answer.

So, now I want to ask any experienced user for help here.

First thing is that I don't like any of the mappings that was provided with the plugin. Had difficult times adopting them one by one but wasn't very happy with any of them.
Second thing is that this plugin doesn't have "offset track" option in settings, so when swithing between tracks in Reaper's track view with encoder, I'm always selecting master track by accident.
Third is that "Auto-Detect" option in setup either gives me an error or hangs Reaper, so I was never able to get auto-names displayed properly with any computer setup that I had through all this years.

So I've decided to compile the DLL file myself from source with edited layout, that will suite my need, by just switching strings of one of the existing laouyts. Or, maybe, even add a functionality when plugin will take layouts and settings from an external map file (plain text) on boot, like Klinke's plugin does. In this case, any necessary changes to layouts could be made by simply editing the text file in Notepad. Some experienced user could even made a GUI editor for this files, like the one that Novation provides for the "advanced" mode.

The problem is that I can't compile the dll. It always gives me an error. I've tried different versions of Visual Studio. Different versions of Automap SDK. I've added new versions of reaper_plugin_functions.h and reaper_plugin.h to Reaper Extension SDK without positive result at all. I've also didn't find 64 bit project settings in Visual Studio. Only 32 bit versions of Debug and Release.

So, I'm curious if any of you had a success compiling original or edited DLL of Padre's plugin for all this years?

P.S. I must mention that I'm not a programmer myself. The only thing I've ever programmed is a diy midi controller based on Arduino IDE. Anyway, I really want to have a working ubermixer out of my mkii for Reaper, so I'm asking here for help. Thanks in advance.

UPD. I was inattentive about the version of the source code. It's only 81 vs 137 version of the compiled plugins, which makes the whole idea of compiling edited version of plugin pointless.
BTW, did anyone had a chance to contact Padre_PC about this issue?

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