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Default Script: HeDa Loudness Graph VIP

HeDa Loudness Graph 2.0
  • EBUR128 Loudness meters and timeline graphs for each track you want.
  • EBU mode compatible. Different scales. EBU+9, EBU+18 and customizable LUFS.
  • RMS, and Loudness Panning graphs.
  • Compare graph to reference graph. Useful to compare or match loudness after inserting plugins
  • Customizable Reference levels. -23 and -14 by default.
  • REAPER Integration: Insert Regions or markers when Loudness is over a specific reference level.
  • REAPER integration: View REAPER Regions areas in graph.
  • REAPER Integration: Dock and Link Graph zoom to REAPER timeline zoom

The graph is linked to the REAPER timeline, so it is easy to rewind and update the graph and re-analyze

Download and install it using HeDaScripts Manager

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