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This is really impressive. You just brought reascript to another level

Ok I have a suggestion related on how I like to use RMS visualization.
What I love is RMS over time type of graph. Just like in FabFilter pro-L or TB EBU loudness metter.
In post production, I have one of this on every group channel: voices, musics, ambiances... They are great, but they missed some basic customization (as.scroll speed, vertical scale and interface size).
You may have the core for a really powerful tool : multi tracks RMS over time visualization. (With each different choosen tracks sharing the same graph, but not the same curve).
RMS over time is also useful in music mastering !
I don't know if is possible, I don't know how close to your script it could be, but I wanted to share with you with idea... :P

Before that, I used a RMS graph js plugin that could be used direcly in mcp and tcp (it displays rms next to peak, using channel 3-4), but your script will be more useful, as I Like big visualization metters scripts.

Congrats again heda ! You're an inspiration for us all

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