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so... I haven't updated this script yet, why?

edit:There was a bug.. now it is corrected in 5pre31.. I can keep working on this script now...

Because I am having a crash and freeze in REAPER 5 using it and I suspect it is because some issue in REAPER again. So I will wait until this is resolved, but I haven't got any feedback from devs. I reported it in the REAPER 5 bugs thread here It doesn't happen in REAPER 4, but my script is in Lua.. so it needs to be in 5.

I use a plugin from TBProAudio to calculate the loudness, and then the scripting part is only to display the values. So I rely on those plugins, that are free. You can get the VST version here: dpMeter

I explained the freeze and crash in that thread too. Could you confirm me this crash so it could get a bit more attention?

I tried also the JS version from this thread:
and it also freezes when doing undo. Strange.. very strange.

I don't know what I do lately, no matter what I touch, I find bugs.

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