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Originally Posted by Javi_Metal View Post
Pedazo de curro te has dado! This is a massive work!

Un montón de gracias! Thank you very much indeed HeDa!
Still a lot of work to do

the first things in the to do list:
* fix some bugs X-Raym is reporting me in the patreon post.
* better Options window
* Configurable suffix names and different width of meters.
* allow project tabs or close and load another project without closing the script.
* button to Hide / Show meters
* button to Hide / Show graph
* PRESETS of analysed tracks
* change up/down track selected automation lane in selected area of the graph
* Button to Zoom to entire project
* fix zooming before project start.
* Fix sometimes graph goes in reverse (still need to address when this happens)
* Hide time selection but maintain time selection in REAPER
* HTML help
* button icons
* fix code / performance things
* user suggestions...
* Grid lines in graph

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