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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Did you do the exact steps I mentioned? Just clicking uninstall won't do it. No biggie but I just had this problem with a different device (not audio related and not windows 10) and I had to track down and dig out some very specific references in Device Manager to get it to actually discover the device again. Again, I have little hope that fixes it but I'm pretty anal about making 100% sure about stuff when troubleshooting.

That being said, I also had this issue with a printer (Win8) and it had the exact same issue where the device was never actually being recognized for the install to complete the driver install. That one, I just used Win7 for because that was faster and I didn't need Win8 to do what I needed to do. So that's two occurrences, one that worked one that didn't. Gotta do all the stuff that doesn't work to find what does sometimes.

This also could very well be an OS issue now that we have dug down to more specifics. Could be either but who isn't my concern right now, confirming *if* we can workaround it is. I worry a little we can't and have a little hope we can and worth trying.

Lastly, I will check to see if I can find a way to extract the drivers out of the installer. If I can AND we can get the device recognized as unknown we could manually install them but if it truly isn't recognizing the device even as unknown, that's the roadblock.
Yes, I went through device manager.
You're almost making me feel guilty for not putting Win10 back on and trying it. All this effort could be for nought if Roland come through with a driver.

I will plug it into the other (non music) Windows 10 PC and see what happens with the driver.
I won't be putting any DAW stuff on it though so I cannot test that special "normal mode".
I will be able to see if it hangs on install as a troubleshooting exercise.
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