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Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post

The OSCII-bot script files needed and installation instructions/user guide are in attached zip file.
Akai MIDIMIX controller details are at

Please leave some forum feedback if the MIDIMIX support is of use!
Hey thank you, goldenpharazon. I just bought one of these controllers today and reading this thread, am comforted to know that my unit wasn't faulty because the LEDs were not functioning and that a way to make the unit talk to REAPER has been developed and shared. Thank you

I have DL'd the zip file and extracted but can't seem to find out how to make it all work in the way it is intended.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge but may I ask please:

1. How does one set this up please?
2. What/where are OSCII bot files?
3. Is there perhaps a guide to setting up the actions required

Many thanks again for software the post, and to all in this thread, thank you.

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