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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
I did see some requests for the buttons to be configurable in the MIDImix Editor as Toggle or Momentary; is that now possible?
This (i.e. different MIDI messages to Note On and Off or alternatively CC) is not possible in the MIDIMIX's Midi implementation since it is hardcoded by Akai into their firmware in the MIDIMIX. However one can imagine sending toggle or momentary OSC messages into Reaper software by using OSCII-bot and either keeping state (to toggle) or using @TIMER (for momentary).

Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
Also, exactly what can be edited in the Editor? I've looked for a MIDImix Editor user manual but could not find one.
Just download the editor and try it: it's fairly simple. The buttons can send a different note or a CC. The CC sent by the knobs and sliders can be changed. That's it. The Bank, Solo and Send All buttons cannot be edited. The Midi messages sent to light/extinguish the LEDs cannot be edited and don't change in line with notes sent from their corresponding button.

Note that this V0.95b control surface software expects the Akai defaults to work properly.

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