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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
OK, thank you.

Configuring the "Mute" and "RecArm" buttons as Momentary or Toggle seems essential to me. But that will need a firmware update from Akai.
The explanation made previously needs expanding since Momentary and Toggle may be misleading in the context of Midi messages alone. There are three things going on here at the same time that work together and explain the the context of Reaper's behaviour.

1. The Midi message sent from the MIDIMIX when the button is pressed and when it is released (by default Midi Note On and Note Off)

2. The OSC message(s) sent on from the OSC control surface to Reaper.

3. The action Reaper takes on receipt of the OSC message.

Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
I presume that the buttons are in Toggle mode - can you let me know what message is sent when a button (configured, say, for Channel 03, CC# 75) is pressed the first time? And the second time?
The "Mute" and "RecArm" buttons are implemented as "Toggling" functions in Reaper in this control surface software: but it need not be that way. The Midi messages being sent from the MIDIMIX can be seen by inference from the editor or by reading the OSC code or by observing them with a Midi monitor such as MidiOX. Both Midi and OSC messages being sent can be seen in the OSCII-bot monitor window. The OSC messages that make the Mute and RecArm happen are completely independent of Channel and CC#.

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