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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
Thank you for your reply. I now understand that pressing one of the buttons for the first time sends a Note On (not a CC message) and pressing it the second time sends the Note Off.
To clarify: the MIDIMIX sends a Midi note on message when the button is pressed and a Midi note off message when the button is released (just like a Midi keyboard's key does). A second button press repeats this Midi note on and note off, press and release cycle.

The default MIDIMIX here works the same way as the Korg nanoKONTROL "Momentary" button mode.

The MIDIMIX can also optionally (using the Akai editor) send a CC message. Akai have given a description of this feature here or it can be seen using the editor. This might be the momentary or toggle distinction asked for by Darkstar (but this CC message feature is not used in this thread's control surface).

The whole business of each competing controller manufacturer's support for various DAWs including Reaper, whether the controller requires feedback from the DAW to function at its best (or at all), the flexibility or comprehensiveness of Midi implementation etc is a huge topic beyond this thread which just offers a solution for the Akai MIDIMIX and Reaper.

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