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Originally Posted by smithoid View Post
Just found something weird. If you press a button quickly (e.g. mute) then it will mute the sound but the LED doesn't respond. A longer push operates the LED correctly. Similarly when LED is on... a quick push seems to goe unrecognised by LED but the command is actually sent to Reaper
Any thoughts?
My suspicion here is transient behaviours in the OSC part of Reaper itself: I have seen some oddities in OSC whilst developing but since there is no definition of "normal" Reaper OSC behaviour AFAIK abnormalities are hard to spot!

If you can send (PM?) two snippets of the OSCII-bot GUI window's log firstly when it works correctly and secondly in the weird condition when the LEDs don't get feedback that will help isolate the problem. This should show me all the Midi and OSC traffic that takes place around the button press for Mute.

If the LEDs get out of sync then it's (probably) Reaper OSC feedback not working as anticipated. Either bank steadily (at a measured pace) one way and and back (e.g. bank left then bank right) or use the OSCII-bot window’s “reload scripts” button as described in the .pdf user guide should put the LEDs back in line with Reaper.
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