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I was using the internal drive.

Given that it locked the system with 3 gigabytes of disk space available (note that the system locked the first time after recording maybe 15 seconds of audio -- I stopped the recording and left the machine alone for some time, and when I came back it had crashed), I don't think that disk space was the problem.

I might suspect faulty RAM (I installed the machine's maximum just for this project), but again, everything except Reaper runs flawlessly.

I simply haven't had time to try to replicate the issue. Hopefully the text of the crash report (assuming I can get it to crash again) will prove useful to the team.

Speaking of external drives, it makes sense to go that route for the long term. For what I'm doing (8 track audio only, no MIDI), do I really need a costly audio-specific drive, or will any decent-quality drive do?

My machine has only one Firewire port, but the Tascam has two. I'm assuming that since it's a bus, I could plug a drive into the Tascam and it'd work.

I do have two USB 2.0 ports on the laptop in addition to the single FireWire. Is USB 2.0 too slow?


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