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Originally Posted by ChocolateHawkins View Post
I've been considering getting a MIDIMix, and it looks like your middleware here will do what I need, but I wanted to clarify. You say that there can be 3 banks to reassign the knobs per bank for up to 72 parameters. Does this work via the bank left / page right buttons?
Yes. See the user guide .PDF where "instrument mode" explains to how the 3 notional banks work for the knobs. One has the same 24 assignable knobs as available in "mixer mode" plus 48 more knobs in two banks that can be assigned to anything in Reaper using learning.

Originally Posted by ChocolateHawkins View Post
Assuming I wanted bank 1 to have the knobs be CC 1 - 24, bank 2 25 - 49, etc. Will this work?
Reaper learning and the allocation of unique OSC text strings to each of the 72 knobs in effect does this. However no Midi data passes into Reaper at all: rather the Midi data is changed to OSC strings which then pass to Reaper.

Originally Posted by ChocolateHawkins View Post
Can I have the faders do other things than what you've said here? Say if I wanted them to work with send volume to various FX on the selected track only?
It is possible to change the fader action but one needs to understand or experiment with how Reaper OSC works and make simple changes to the MidiMixControl.txt file to assign a fader to a different action. Look for the string (i.e. variable name) called "fader1" in the file MidiMixControl.txt and it shows how this fader is pre-assigned to track volume (i.e. the first track of the eight tracks). By altering the code one could additionally make the faders do different Reaper actions in "mixer" and "instrument" mode if that suited a personal setup choice.
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