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ah thanks, I toggled continuous view and behaving correctly now.

( there may be user error involved, though I do experience a bit of "wonkiness" with mousewheel zoom in the NE. Seems to zoom out fine but, I usually can't zoom back in to the same depth and have to use the scroll bar +- to get back zoomed in right. Though haven't really dug around to confirm, so will not derail, but might post about that at some point if I figure it out for sure)

edit: I think I know what it is, mousewheel is scrolling the view at the same time cmd+mousewheel is zooming

edit 2 - actually there this jumping too. I don't want to derail, but here is a small vid, if it looks wonky perfect, if not....continue on..... (all zooming in vid is with cmd+mouswheel unless you see the scrollbar zoom being tweaked)

zoom jumping:
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