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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
+ Glue: round start/end times to project samplerate [t=205043]

But... Original observation has uncovered general (consistent between all rendering types now) "shift on render" effect.

Disclaimer: I understand that is on the level of "DAW sound" holy-wars, I mean possible phase shift in 20kHz region is not really audible. At the same time, several unfortunate renderings theoretically can shift the effect into audible domain

Upper (unchanged in the second image) track is original 44.1
Middle (red in the second image) is glued copy (44.1)
Lower (blue in the second image) is glued copy with the sample rate changed (48)

In the second image, rendered version is a "shifted" copy. Glued with sample rate conversion version is interpolated. It is also slightly shifted. When rendered to 96k (not on images), different algorithm is used for the sample rate conversion (visible by HPF changes before the first not zero sample).

In general I am not in position to judge decisions for conversions (I am not a pro musician nor a pro in music DSP processing). So I have only simple proposal (FR?):

An option to align source waveform samples to current project samples when possible (sample rates match).

This way, items still can be aligned to exact MBT and/or other snap points (in general not sample aligned) while the source automatically get offset to align at the project samples. So as long as the project and audio files use the same rate, samples are always aligned to samples and glue/render/freeze will no longer need to shift/interpolate.

At the moment, "re-quantization" happens at any play/render once something is moved without "sample accuracy".
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