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Originally Posted by sonicowl View Post
Otherwise, which function in video processor would be appropriate for this task?
I think what you are looking for is "gfx_mode"

This blends the next (or previous, depending what you have set in project settings) 2 video tracks after the track which has this video processor active:
*snip* see below
From the docs:
0 = normal
1 = additive
3 = multiply (very different in YUV vs RGBA)
17 = (dest + src*gfx_a)*.5 + .5 (only valid when using YUV colorspaces)
18 = dest + (src-0.5)*gfx_a*2.0 (only valid when using YUV colorspaces)
19 = absolute difference: abs(dest-src)*gfx_a (only valid when using YUV colorspaces)

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