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Originally Posted by wwwmaze View Post
Either press F1 when the mouse cursor is within the editor or use this online documentation:

On another glimpse I'm not even convinced if blending works the way I think (or the linux implementation of video processor maybe has a bug).

2 observations:
1. After I blend-in completely white pixels while adding both images/videos I still can see some non-white pixels. Same problem with subtraction, the picture should be black but I also see non-black pixels.
2. Multiplying makes the resulting image/video lose its color.
Many thanks. Unfortunately my F1 key is broken.

And yes, I also discovered a very strange blend mode behavior. It could be because of the different color spaces. Have no idea actually. I only know those Photoshop blend modes and they react much different from that.

It also does not blend drawn colors from other tracks. (Tried to blend in "solid color" from reaper blog.) Only video signals work.
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