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Originally Posted by wwwmaze View Post
ok, everything is fine as long as only 1 of both inputs is a video processor FX but I'm now having problems if both inputs are FX's and the color-space is 'RGBA' (video output gets stuck).
Not sure how to solve that.

What i've tested so far:

blend video-video: check
blend video-image: check
blend video-fx: check
blend image-image: check
blend image-fx: check
blend fx-fx: not working
Originally Posted by wwwmaze View Post
Just be careful if any of the inputs is generated by a video-processor FX itself. I'm running into a bug in either my code (most probably) or because of a limitation of the video processor implementation.
It seems the limitation is just my wimpy CPU when processing rgba videos, so I take everything back.
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