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Hi wwwmaze,

I didn't want to confuse you. I'm really happy with what you've shared already. And my English is maybe to bad to describe my intention as effective as it should be.

So the preset you made is pretty amazing. We now have two videos which can get blended per mode AND alpha. The only thing that actually isn't possible is the mockup picture you posted yourself:

Maybe its to complicated to achieve this inside your blend preset. Would it be easier to do it separately? To pin it down: we have three tracks with "Video a", "Video-b" and alpha. "Video a" covers "Video b" completely except if "Video a" gets transparent from alpha. Blacks make 100% transparent. Whites make 100% opaque. 50% gray blend 50% of "video a" in normal mode (or adjustable mode as you did).

Here the example:
Video a

Video b


Blend thru Alpha normal mode (Left and right 50%, middle 0% and 100%)

Blend thru Alpha - mode multiply (100% shines thru because of blend mode)

Practically this is what you already made but with one difference: The Alpha black doesn't turn "video a" to black instead makes "video a" completely transparent.

If this is to complicated, please don't feel pushed. I don't want to hustle you.

Many thanks
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