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I put wwwmaze's Alpha preset on a folder and just sorted the videos inside. Works pretty well. To achieve what you meant you only need to create a new folder on top of it with the black screen etc. But keep in mind that this really sucks cpu and graphic power.

Sparkling text could be done in Photoshop. Create a black screen with white text. Export it. Create an Alpha file from it maybe as a framing of the text. Then use a colorful video as the effect to only show on the white pixels of the Alpha.

Edit: Its not as easy as I expected. The problem is. If you fade out video A or B, the Alpha video stays and makes it impossible to blend altogether into another folder. I'll think about it. Maybe there is another way to achieve it.

As you can see, the stage lightning which only showed around the text keeps going after fading out the alpha. But fading the stage lightning out lets the alpha channel show up because its not covered anymore.

I made this simple text flickering with a black and white text title as video A, then I put a blank video processor with stage lightning as video B at the second position to blend it in via the alpha channel.
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