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Originally Posted by wwwmaze View Post
Don't have the time to test currently, but yes, that's how I'd probably do it, using folder tracks.
This won't work. I was in a hurry and for a moment I forgot how video works in reaper.

Every track below a video-processor FX (or above, depending on project settings), containing a video item at the current play time, can be referenced by this processor by an index starting from 0. This index strictly increases as we go down no matter if a track is in a folder or not.
A track with a video-processor FX is also considered a video track and gets its own index.

This is how indexing looks for my "selective blender" preset
(* denotes where the FX is placed)

background                                 index: 0
foreground                                 index: 1
mask                                       index: 2
or if we place the FX into a folder
parent track*
---background                              index: 0
---foreground                              index: 1
---mask                                    index: 2
And this is how indexing for stacked FX' would look like.
I.e. video processor (b) would like to use the output of (a) as foreground.
parent track* b
---background b                            index: 0
---parent track* a (= foreground b)        index: 1
------background a                         index: 2
------foreground a                         index: 3
------mask       a                         index: 4
---mask       b                            index: 5
So (b) would mistake background (a) as mask (b).
For the preset I'm not sure how to solve this other then maybe letting the user manually assign tracks (we would need 3 new params).

Putting videos in a folder still makes sense imo to visually isolate stuff but one should keep in mind that it doesn't work like with audio.

The best approach imo (and a good feature request) would be if video tracks/items would only be accessible if they have the same folder depth. Or some function to query the folder depth.
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