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Originally Posted by xpander View Post
Sorry, I forgot to mention I did the test run with Reaper v5.962+dev1117. Regular 5.962 will give a bit different numbers, but the similar behavior. Something else I noticed with this test. If I open Reaper fresh but don't start the project immediately, sometimes the base FX CPU is about 9%, sometimes around 20%. With the project running it then goes to 20+ and finally when playback is stopped, it starts to rise towards 40%?

Just to let you know, in case my system is for some reason not stable enough currently to run tests like this. Wouldn't want you to chase ghosts which could be on my end...
The increase in CPU when stopped could be a denormal issue. JSFX is meant to automatically deal with that but maybe itís not doing a great job of it. Or maybe itís pdc related ó does that same thing happen when the oversampling is off?
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