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Default feedback

hallo 1s thnks again for this lovely eq there for some feedback

i use a dell optiplex 4gig ram on windows7

64bit reaperdaw
project 24 track
eq used on masterbus

1.. No tracks playing and eq floating on master bus... un muted all tracks reads 8,5% cpu
2.. no tracks playing and all tracks reads 36,5 % cpu use
3.. all tracks playing and unmuted eq floating on master reads 10,5 % cpu use
4.. all tracks playing but muted eq on master bus floating reads 36.5% cpu use
5..all tracks playing and unmuted with the eq on the masterbus reads 10,5% cpu use..

find that strange you woud expect the other way around..

hopfully helpfull info

thnks 1s again and greetings from holland
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