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Hi Justin,

0.071 sources do not compile to anything usable on my Win10 machine (client cannot connect to server).

0.06 sources compile immediately without fuss to a working version, detailed description here:

Now I am wondering: What are the intended improvements between 0.06 and 0.071? The only reason why I tried to compile 0.071 was that I recently got issues with the 0.06 binary that had worked flawlessly over many years. The problem is a clicking distortion in the audio at the end of each interval when there is audio (not happening when no audio is being transmitted). Sounds like sample(s) gets lost and depending on the waveform at the end of the interval this leads to the click sound. Server and all clients are at the same BPM settings, hence really strange. Did not happen in the past. Was hoping that 0.071 might help...

The clicking audio problem is unrelated to the Ninjam server. The root cause seems to be in the current ReaNinjam client when it transmits audio (it receives properly). Bug report opened here:

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