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Default HUGE project, excited to help users w/ Maschine MK2/Studio/MK3/Mikro MK2/Jam 4 Reaper

Hi all!

I've been working tirelessly (and tiredly) on setting up Reaper Actions (both Custom and regular), to make a near-mouseless workflow with Maschine MK2, Studio, MK3, Maschine Jam AND Mikro MK2 (and of course, Controller Editor Templates for each of them).

They're all making good use out of the jogwheel (on Studio) and the Click-Encoder (on MK2, Mikro MK2, and Maschine MK3).

Trying to make each button correspond with good, useful Reaper functions (at least for me). I make indie/ambient/dreamy stuff as well as hip-hop and a lot of electronic stuff.

Actions covered:

Jogwheel - Jog by measure (left or right), and center button shows/hides FX Chain (or another function, depending on the Template or page).. super helpful... Easily add a marker to your project with the Enter or Lock button on all Maschines.

(Maschine Studio has 6 total Jogwheel pages which are INSANELY useful). Basically only need one Controller Editor Template for Maschine Studio. The MK2 and MK3 need different Templates for the Click-Encoder to be set to other stuff, which, after some thought, serves best as a jog wheel (left/right per measure) or track scroll (previous/next). You can also track up/down with a pair of buttons. Advantage of Mikro MK2-- each PAGE per Template can have a different encoder function. That totally rules.

Top button functions depend on the page you're on: item editing, midi channel routing/mapping, track template/plugin inserts, automation modes, play/loop regions directly, hit up markers directly... the encoders serve different functions, depending on what page you're on (such as track volume, pan, zoom in/out, playrate, semitone adjust on items, etc).

One of the Pad Pages serves as Track Mutes (for tracks 1-8)... allowing mute envelope automation for automated mutes (hip-hop / MPC-style), other editing functions such as time selection set start point, time selection set end point, select item at cursor point, split item, copy/paste together as one function, glue item, trim right edge (for extending loops, insanely fast), etc.

And, with the Media Explorer, you can use the Jogwheel or Click-Encoder for auditioning samples/loops, enter subfolders with a button (or push of the click-encoder), drop the items in with a button press (again, or click-encoder), or go "back to parent directory" with another... super handy, and feels like browsing sounds on Maschine! But bonus-- there's previews of EVERYTHING since it's Media Explorer.... everything you have in your samples folder, that is... (unlike a lot of Maschine's library sounds).

This has been a huge, huge undertaking for me (began in Nov. 2018)... but, the more I thought about how utterly amazing the OLDER Maschine controllers are (including Mikro MK2!) for CONTROL SURFACES... and how utterly customizable the Native Instruments Controller Editor is (Toggle, Gate, Inc, and my absolute favorite function TRIGGER).... etc. etc. etc..... the more I was like, I HAVE to do this for Reaper people.

I even have a Maschine Track Template for Reaper (version 5.983 tested, 64-bit), that allows you to use Maschine as a plugin, but record the MIDI directly into Reaper, and switch between "Maschine Mode" and "MIDI Mode"... and just really have the best of both worlds. Much like the Template I made for version 1.8 in early 2013 (here on the forum, but severely outdated).

I want to do a multi-part YouTube series on how to get the most of these truly awesome Maschine controllers... it's probably the ultimate Reaper control surface, if you think about it. If you use your imagination and the Actions.... NEARLY anything is possible with Reaper. And thank you, as always, to SWS Extensions.

Hang tight... more updates as they come!!!

10.5.2019 update (supported controllers):
-NI Maschine MK3, Studio, MK2, Mikro MK2, Jam
-Arturia Keylab MK2, Essential, Minilab MK2, Beatstep, Beatstep Pro
- Arturia SparkLE (added June 18th, 2019-- kind of a pain, as it never remembers the Working Memory with Midi Control Center, if you unplug the USB cable... so you have to send it to the SparkLE, then close MCC, then open Reaper, and make sure everything works)
-Behringer X-Touch Mini
- Behringer X-Touch Compact
- Akai MPD32
- Novation ReMOTE SL Mk1 (25, 37, 49, 61, and ReMOTE Zero SL)
- Novation Launch Control XL
- Novation SL MKIII / MK3 (49 and 61-key)

no longer supported:
NI Komplete Kontrol S-series (MK1)-- you get a lot of functionality with Jurgen's DrivenByMoss4Reaper plugin, so go with that, for this!
M-Audio Axiom Air Mini 32 -- global channel, only... and no software editor. Kind of a pain in the ass.... might re-support it, later.

videos from September 2019:

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