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Default CubicPack3...

Hi, all

CubicPack2 was ageing and probably too complicated to install. So, here is a new version which replaces it, with four updated themes in each of the two packs. The main differences from its predecessor are :

- The audio type of tracks is now the default. There are still layouts to have tracks without header, though.
- The icons graphic files in the official list have been integrated in each theme, this to allow the display of Reaper default main toolbar.
- No more scripts, added commands and .ini files : let’s make things simple, for now. Maybe I'll reintegrate them, at a point...
- The themes have been designed to be used with the -72/+6 dB volume fader range (Preferences>Appearance>Track Control Panels), but there are now duplicated layouts for the mixer that allow the use of a -72/+12dB one.
- Use of some recently released theming features (_norec png files...).
- Numerous graphic and Walter changes, especially on what was the Frema equivalent. I lost the track of all what have been tweaked, edited, redesigned and rewritten during the four last months...

The links :

Hope it will be useful for some of you...

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