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Thanks again to you all...

I wrote it in an ambiguous way previously, sorry. Actually, I also had to disable the peak values display for the Cube6 themes range because the meters don't have the necessary width to display the peak values in all cases (14 pixels, as there must be 21).

If you are not afraid to tweak the theme, you can partially solve this on your end (allowing a display on 14 pixels) :

1) Make a copy of the Cube6.ReaperThemeZip theme file in a safe place, change its extension to .zip and unzip it.
2) You should now have both a Cube6 folder (containing all the graphic files) and a Cube6.ReaperTheme file (the one containing the settings adjusted in the Theme development/tweaker window).
3) In the folder, there is a rtconfig.txt file which contains all the Walter instructions of the theme and can be edited with a raw text editor (Notepad or equivalent) : open it.
4) Edit the line #359 which contain this :

set mcp.meter.readout.color [0 0 0 0 225 32 32 255]
to get this :

set mcp.meter.readout.color [150 155 160 255 225 32 32 255]
5) Save the modification done.
6) Rezip together both the folder and the .ReaperTheme file, change back the extension to .ReaperThemeZip and reput it in the \ColorThemes subfolder of your Reaper installation.

You should now see the peak values, but with only two digits, as there is only 14 pixels to display them and (this is one of the most irritating themeing limitation) we cannot change the font used : it's hardcoded somewhere in the Reaper.exe file, I guess.
You can even go further, though - but with a graphic glitch affecting the mixer panel when selected - to get a full view of the peak values. Still in the rtconfig.txt file, edit the lines #354, 358 & #359, this time, to get this :

set mcp.volume [39 22 16 237 aTB]
set mcp.meter [58 24 21 233 aTB]
set mcp.meter.readout.color [150 155 160 255 225 32 32 255]
Let me know how things are going...
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