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I'm still interested in this and following, however i've been extremely busy and haven't even got around to testing.

The question earlier RE: how am I using Machine Jam in Reaper currently i've not even gone further than mapping Transports.

I intend do a walkthru video of my setup's use of ReaLearn (and/or other vst's, hosts etc) to map more intricate commands as well as LED feedback than Reaper currently allows natively. The main controller for such a guide would be a DDM-4000 mixer as this is currently my most mapped-out midi device and thus would provide more examples and better demonstrate what is possible with most any controller - not just a (DDM-4000 or NI Maschine XYZ)

That is where i at in terms of a plan. In the meantime I will continue to follow your progress and work towards mapping the JAM .
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