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110 tracks writing automation, there is definitely lag on the first automation, then it seems to catch up. Here is an image showing the dead spot(s), and the recovery. Seems to lag after the initial write, and also stopping transport. It should be "squiggly" throughout the automation.

After that, all is smooth....until I switch screensets to my mixer layout. Takes about 5 seconds or so before it all functions again. About the amount of lag you see above.

I can't say I have ever a reason to want to automate 100+ tracks at once, but there is definitely something to confirm here.

To be fair, other DAWs would just crash attempting something like this. Cakewalk/Sonar comes to mind immediately. I've broken Cubase with a little less effort than this as well.

PC specs below.
i7 8700k,4.9Ghz,Win10,Reaper 5,Motu 828es,MJE Hulk 990,GAP Pre73/EQ81
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