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Originally Posted by 1111Eugene View Post
please do the next thing
add a
for example a hundred tracks
add a volume envelope automation for each one
and some other if you wish
and toggle for example a mixer window visible on\off
and count how much time does it take to appear
and then hide all the envelopes
and count again
and there will be already a noticeable difference
also you can add a whatever plugins, just for font to be in a mixer track slots
it will also increase lagging
grid on\off
and whatever there is you see in a project
will increase lagging, no matter what it is,
no matter which theme you use
no matter if there's a 0% cpu or whatever load
and so on
So I added 100 tracks with 100 instances of ReaComp and with automation linked to ratio.

Toggling REAPER's mixer takes almost 1.5 seconds. Is that a long time? This is using REAPER for Linux on a TEN year old Asus P7P55D/Intel i5 750 based machine.

So I doubled the track count to 200 tracks with 200 ReaComps plus automation on each and now it takes about 2 full seconds to toggle the mixer.

I DO have a pretty fast but also VERY OLD graphics card.

Ahh finally once I pushed it up to a WHOPPING THREE HUNDRED tracks, it now takes 5 seconds to toggle the mixer. I am not surprised at all. If I were using something else for my video display, say like the cheezy on-motherboard graphics, I would prolly see different results.
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