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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
So I added 100 tracks with 100 instances of ReaComp and with automation linked to ratio.

Toggling REAPER's mixer takes almost 1.5 seconds. Is that a long time? This is using REAPER for Linux on a TEN year old Asus P7P55D/Intel i5 750 based machine.

So I doubled the track count to 200 tracks with 200 ReaComps plus automation on each and now it takes about 2 full seconds to toggle the mixer.

I DO have a pretty fast but also VERY OLD graphics card.

Ahh finally once I pushed it up to a WHOPPING THREE HUNDRED tracks, it now takes 5 seconds to toggle the mixer. I am not surprised at all. If I were using something else for my video display, say like the cheezy on-motherboard graphics, I would prolly see different results.
Alright, I'll bite.

Did exactly this including ReaComp and automating the ratio.
Duplicated the track to 128 instances.

Zero discernible lag toggling the mixing into view.
I can hit the keyboard shortcut (⌘= to toggle my "docked" mixer vs arrange window or the stock ⌘M to open the mixer) as fast as I can repeatedly and probably induce a seizure if I wanted to!

Tried in both read and write mode. Doubled the tracks to 256. Not seeing even the slightest bit of lag.

I think OSX is still the premium performing OS. I don't think it's long for this world anymore and I think Linux is coming in full force. Welcoming that too! But right here right now, there's no systemic GUI lag issue with OSX.

People aren't going on about nothing in these forum posts of course!
I'm not suggesting that. Just that it doesn't appear to be a systemic thing.

2009 quad core 2.93/3.33 i7 Mac Pro
OSX 10.9.5 (not even booted into my "serious" 10.6.8 system )
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