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Hello @cubic13

First of all I want to say a huge thank you for your amazing work on this skin!

I tweaked many things to my taste in the theme editor, however as I know nothing about how themes actually work, some things I was not able to adapt and don't know if it's possible or not (or maybe you might even consider integrating some of these things in future updates).

Here a link to a picture of a Cubic user that has integrated some things which I would like aswell in my version of Cubic - I will refer to this picture in some of my points:

1) Indent automation tracks:
The envelope lanes are not indented as in actual Cubase. This in more complex projects makes it difficult to spot instantly what are tracks and what are envelope lanes and which envelope lanes belong to which track. Can I somehow set it up that they are indented (like child tracks)?

2) Change selected track color overlay:
In Cubic when seecting a track there is a gray overlay. I would much prefer it to e brighter/white like in modern Cubase. In the theme editor when changing the color of the selected track it changes only the header but the track remains grey (btw also if someone wants to change the color of unselected tracks it works only for the header). I s there a way to change the selected/unselected TCP color overlay?

3) Change selected item color overlay:
I admit that the way it has been implemented is just like cubase, items become dark and item contents bright when selected. However for me personally a selected item must be brighter than an unselected one, with colors inverting I get confused. I managed to set this up to work well by tweaking my media item background colors to a specifc blue and setting "media item background fill mode" to "add": But whenever I add items that do not use the default color they become darker instead of brighter, so I am forced to use just 1 color. Is there a way to make selected items brighter instead of darker? In my case this would allow for much more freedom when coloring items. Also choosing to have a box around selected items would help a lot (but probably is on Dev's side rather than thememaker's).

4) Insert slots:
As you can see on the picture of the other user, the mixer has graphically defined insert slots. I find that visually a lot more appealing than just a blank pane to click on anywhere and add FX. How can I set that up t have those insert slots/blocks in the mixer?

5) Insert Bypass Button:
All other DAWs I used have on the left or right side of the insert effects a button which toggles the bypass state. Having to do it with shift-click is annoying, for example I want to play a MIDI note with one hand and quickly turn an effect on/off is not possible because I need to move my left hand to the keyboard. Is this possible to change with a theme or should this become a feature request for Dev's?
Another cool thing would be have on the other side a button that opens the replace window (like in other DAWs) or even a better idea: have a handle like for sends, which you can drag to determine wet/dry of the insert (tough that would not be like Cubase).

6) Mixer Scale:
As you can see the other user has some horizontal lines that devide the mixer fader into sections. While that would just be IMO visually a bit more appealing (not just on the fader but also within the meter) I think it would actually be useful like it is in real Cubase to have some numbers at the fader lines which show the dB of attenuation/boost and at the meter lines which show the dBFS scale.
The latter one (dBFS inside meters) is also included in Reaper's default theme, so I guess it should not be too hard to integrate.

7) Different Color MIDI/Audio items:
Is there a way to set items to be by default one color (example purple) until you add MIDI notes and they turn to another color (example green) or Audio files and they turn to a third color (example blue)?

8) Change track mute overlay:
I find it very annoying that muted track turn black (would prefer only the items getting darker or at least having it less obvious). Is there a way a themer can change this or is this hardcoded into Reaper?

9) Slider instead of Pan Knob:
Would it be possible for a future version of the theme to have a slider (like in the mixer, just smaller) instead of knob for the pan on the TCP?

Hope you can help with some of my issues, however if you can't, rest assured you already did a huge lot by providing this theme!

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