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Wow, that you consider working on 1) - 4) on your side just because of my request is huge! Take the time you need of course! Will be very happy once the update is online

About 6) I should have thought about that earlier. I have now done all my theme tweaks in the XR theme and it will be a hassle to do all from scratch. Is there a way to import my tweaks to the X theme? If not I guess I will just stick without the lines.. in the end it doesn't change a lot.

About 9) if it's much work then no need to bother.. it was just an idea to make it visually even more sweet in case it was something easy and fast to do - the other things you said you will be working on are much more important (at least to me) anyway.

But given that you will work on the theme in the following weeks I have another idea related to the panner, which maybe is easier to implement:
The space in the tcp where the panner is seems to have a very limited amount of pixels. Whenever selecting a slightly bigger font for the label, part of it is cut off. What if you made the text shorter by using the same abbreviations like Cubase? It would change as follows:
100%L -> L
50%L -> L50 (stands for any number from 1-99)
center -> C
50%R -> R50 (stands for any number from 1 -99)
100%R -> R
As there are less characters it would allow for setting a bigger font and thus be more easily readable as well as visually nicer.

Thanks again for all the past and future work and for the comprehensive answer to my questions. Looking forward to the update
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