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Thanks for your reply and I apologize for getting back to you so late. I did try the ReaSynth and yes I hear something. By the way sorry, I realized if I want help I need to be more clear in my goal and my explanation.My goal is to record my electric guitar as midi and be able to add Vsts to the sound like guitar amps etc. I followed some video and did all the steps but I only was able to record in midi without being able to hear anything on playback. Signal Path: So I recorded using my electric guitar through Focusrite then through midi guitar 2(which seems needed in order to record output in midi) and then tried to add an guitar amp vst. It seems the only way to hear the midi I recorded is to add some instrument in midi guitar 2 which means I must select some synth which means I get some sound I dont want.In short I want to record the vst amp sound while recording my guitar signal output into midi.
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