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Originally Posted by davewah View Post
I have 16 midi tracks set up all routed to and from the Macshine VSTi.
That's a feedback loop and like the source of your problems. Try loading my template while Reaper is open. There's nothing in them that can crash Reaper. Unless perhaps you're on Mac? I'm on Windows x64. That could be an issue.

Which version of Maschine do you have and is it up to date?

This is how I'd suggest working and also how my templates work:
Do all the MIDI on the Maschine track and separate each group by MIDI channel. Set all the Pad/Sound outputs to host on the corresponding channel.

Set up this way I can record a part with as many takes as I want. Next time I record, it's overdubs of only the last take recorded. If I don't play any notes, the new recording will simply be that last take.
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