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Default Trouble with sound card after Blackstar amp integrated

Hi Folks
I have been using Reaper for a while on a Windows Vista machine, using a SoundBlaster HD USB sound card. I've never had a bit of trouble using this set-up.

I recently purchased a BlackStar ID Core 10 V2 amp, which allows direct hook-up to PC via a USB cable, and works with a BlackStar program called "Insider". When I connected the amp initially, Reaper saw it right away and I was able to tweak amp settings with the software and record directly to the DAW from the amp (oddly, the input and playback signals both came through the amp, not the speakers attached to my sound card). When I decided to add some tracks with my guitar/synth, Reaper did not see the signal, even though the track was armed for recording. I thought there must have been a conflict with the amp still plugged into the PC, so I unplugged it and still no luck.

I tweaked every input setting that I could find in Reaper, and nothing brought the sound card signal back into the DAW. I uninstalled the BlackStar software, no change. I uninstalled and reinstalled Reaper, but it still doesn't see my sound card's output. Did plugging my amp into a front-mounted USB somehow screw up the way Reaper looks for signal?

I'm sure the sound card is working, because it is outputting sound and my old DAW software (Mixpad) sees the SoundBlaster signal and records it with no issues.

Anyway, I like Reaper and would like to continue using it, but I can't if it won't play nice with my Sound Blaster. Any ideas?
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