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After seeing your video, I have reproduced your exact steps here, using Windows desk (something I never do, usually ; I prefer using 'My documents' for this kind of process, but it shouldn't have any effect on the result). Even if I'm not under OSX, the Windows commands seem to be more or less the same and everything worked as expected, here, this with the patch downloaded : I get a functional theme with the modifications done.

So, I have looked at your video again and there is one moment that is not clear : could you check that the resulting theme file takes more or less 332 kB ? I ask this, because it seems that, at the moment where you compressed again, the two already updated CubeX subfolder and CubeX.ReaperTheme were not selected. This could lead to a 0 kB theme, which could explain why the Classic_1.x one is displayed as a result.

Another explanation (and something is telling me that this is actually the case...) could be that it's the parent folder which contains these two objects that has been rezipped, instead of the two objects themselves. Testing this, I get the same result as you : the Classic_1.x is displayed, instead of the expected theme. Worth a check...

Beside these two possibilities, I have no explanation, to be honest, as the patch once downloaded is obviously functional...
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