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Glad to see that it's solved.

About the tweaks that you made, yes, you could integrate them in the theme, but at an expence : the few modifications that I made will be lost. Actually, I just changed these, to make the peaks more apparent when an item with the new and brighter background is selected (so, it should be easy to set them again correctly) :

Media item peaks when selected (odd tracks) : 130/137/145
Media item peaks when selected (even tracks) : 130/137/145

About your own tweaks : if you have saved them, you should have, in your \ColorThemes subfolder, a CubeX.ReaperTheme file beside the CubeX.ReaperThemeZip one. The settings that you did with the Theme development/tweaker window are actually saved in it. So, the procedure is the following :

1) Change again the .ReaperThemeZip file extension to .zip and unzip it.
2) Move the CubeX.ReaperTheme file (which was coexisting along with the theme file) in the same place as the CubeX resources subfolder so they are in the same parent together, replacing the existing CubeX.ReaperTheme file with yours.
3) Rezip again BOTH objects together and change the extension from .zip to .ReaperThemeZip.

From this, there is one thing to keep in mind : If you have a .ReaperTheme file together with a .ReaperThemeZip with the same name in the \ColorThemes subfolder, the settings included in the former will always override the ones included in the latter.

Should do the trick...
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