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The problem I have is that there are already 20 layouts for the master.mcp track, due to the different colors available for the fader caps, the compact/normal extended area display (Cube6* themes) and the -72/+6 vs -72/+12 dB options. So, adding 20 more for this is not a reasonable option.

OTOH, if you are sure that you always want the dB scale on the meter, there is a not so complicated way to make it appear. It involves a little theme tweaking and text editing, but well...
Seeing your screenshot, I guess that you are using the Cube6R theme. So, I'll take this one for my explanations :

1) Make a copy of the Cube6R.ReaperThemeZip outside the \ColorThemes subfolder of your Reaper installation.
2) Change its extension from .ReaperThemeZip to .zip and extract all its content.
3) At this point, you should see two objects : a Cube6R.ReaperTheme file and a Cube6R folder, which contains all the resources of the theme.
4) In the Cube6R folder, you have a rtconfig.txt file which contains all the instructions that command the theme behavior : open it with a raw text editor (Notepad++ or an equivalent).
5) Locate the block of 4 following lines (starting at line #719, near the end of the file which have 832 of them) :

set master.mcp.meter.scale.color.unlit.bottom mcp.meter.scale.color.unlit.bottom
set master.mcp.meter.scale.color.lit.bottom mcp.meter.scale.color.lit.bottom

6) Delete these 4 lines and replace them with the following ones :

set master.mcp.meter.scale.color.unlit.bottom [112 112 112 180]
set [185 185 185 180]
set master.mcp.meter.scale.color.lit.bottom [12 12 12 180]
set [70 70 70 180]

7) Save the edit done.
8) Rezip BOTH the Cube6R.ReaperTheme and Cube6R together and change the .zip extension of the resulting file to .ReaperThemeZip.
9) Bring it back in the \ColorThemes subfolder of your Reaper installation.

Done ! If you want to modify the colors used, you'll have to change the values that are in the brackets, which are actually the RGBA (Red/Green/Blue/Opacity on a 0-255 scale) values of, respectively, the lowest metering values of the scale, the highest ones and the same thing for lit meters (with signal in the background).

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