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Just in case, let me know if there is a problem...


Hi again !

About the dB scale on the meters, it's more or less the same procedure as my previous post in answer to puddi, excepting that this time, you'll have to look for this lines block (starting at line #360 in CubeX theme) :

set [0 0 0 0]
set mcp.meter.scale.color.unlit.bottom [0 0 0 0]
set [0 0 0 0]
set mcp.meter.scale.color.lit.bottom [0 0 0 0]

and replace it with this one :

set mcp.meter.scale.color.unlit.bottom [112 112 112 180]
set [185 185 185 180]
set mcp.meter.scale.color.lit.bottom [12 12 12 180]
set [70 70 70 180]

It works here, even on the 'Narrow' layouts for CubeX* themes, but it doesn't on 'Narrow' layouts for Cube6* ones as, if I remember well from my empirical tests long ago, the meters should have at least a width of 11 pixels to see the dB scale - otherwise, reaper disables its display, no matter the preferences setting concerning it.

About the media item buttons, no, there is a graphical work to be done and the problem is that there are something like 20 graphic files involved. So, let me few days to make something more useful for you.
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