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Originally Posted by puddi View Post
Now I'll just have to figure out how to make the unselected mixer track's names slightly more visible when the tracks are of a darker color. Then I'll be all set I think.
I'm afraid that, beside suggesting you to use a little more bright colors, I won't be able to help you, unless you are ready for another rtconfig.txt tweak. Indeed, there is an issue in this case, but it's the same thing in the original. So, I could diminish the color contrast for the label background, but the problem is that there is no less than 53 instances of the involved graphic file, in 8 different versions corresponding to the tracks types, this only for the mixer. In a less extended way, it's the same problem for the tcp. And I'd rather keep the true color appearance for this. So, another solution is to change the tracks label color in the mixer : the procedure is the same as the one described in my previous post, but this time, you'll have to modify this line (#366) :

set mcp.label.color [16 18 20 255]

to get labels close to white, i.e.:

set mcp.label.color [236 240 244 255]

Worth a test, maybe, but I'm afraid that this will be only a partial solution as more or less the same issue is going to appear, this time for bright track colors. Sorry, not being able to help more...

Originally Posted by Phazma View Post
However if you still want to do this, as you said it involves editing the graphics anyway, may I suggest you make those symbols a little bolder? Or maybe put them onto some kind of solid background (for exmample a little square-shaped button with a contrasting background color)? I think either of these will help to make the buttons more visible against the waveform that might be underneath them.
Would something like this do it ?

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