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Default Issue with Reaper overloading...(KINDA)

I'm saying "KINDA" because it's actually NOT overloading either my computer or the performance meter per file but IT WON'T start a lot of the times and starts a minor stutter...I'm on win 10 i7 16 g 340 blah blah...Version 5.75. I have tried several other versions also all the way up to the latest...but for some reason they newer ones are messing w/my control surface...An issue for another time...I ALSO checked for any BAD VSTS and nothing was fixing the turning them off one by one...

So I first noticed it when I did a recommended hack for REAROUTE to get more than 16 outs to sum my mixes thru Mixbus...(which gave me 64 outs right away and was a blessing) Anyway to get my REAROUTE to get more than 16 outs WITHOUT a hack??

Or is this another issue I need to check??

any help would be much appreciated (-:

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