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Default Current laptop for Reaper video editing?

My daughter in college has been editing video on her 2009 MacBook Pro and using her school's networked Premier. I've been knocking around a bit on the video side of Reaper, and I think I'm going to get her a copy so she can work on her own without being tied to the school's software for her own projects. I'm fairly confident Reaper will be a good fit. However, she has decided that she's going Windows for the laptop to replace her well worn MBP, and we agree there are many better options for the $1,500-$2000 budget going that route. I'm actually relieved because I wasn't looking forward to examining the current Apple offerings, even though I'm completely on Macs myself. I can show her what works well enough and what doesn't on her MBP and my 2015 MBP as far as Reaper doing video, but I know not much about non-Macs. In looking at all of the options for a 13" (that she can edit on when convenient and hook up to a monitor when appropriate, I'm a bit hazy on what matters and what doesn't for video as far as which processor and graphics.

Any advice on a sturdy Windows laptop in that range that Reaper is happy doing video on? Obviously she can use another computer for critical and heavy duty work. But I want her to be able to do some rough work on the same laptop that she's be upgrading her basic classes one to.

Thanks for any wisdom on this : )
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